Smart enterprises are revisiting application security segmentation.

vRASP provides one-touch deterministic segmentation to protect your business starting at the lowest attack surface. Without the hassle of false positives or reconfiguration.

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Avocado’s vRASP platform brings innovation to application security in many ways:

  1. Enables applications to self-protect, deterministically intercepting and killing threats that evade other security layers.
  2. Pico-segmentation allows single application into multiple segments for stronger protection.
  3. Segmentation without changes to existing infrastructure.
  4. Built-in shadow IT and malware detection and interception.
  5. Application auto-discovery and inventorying.
  6. Security compliance support for your legacy and emerging enterprise applications.
  7. No change to your application, no relinking, or re-engineering required.
  8. Supports applications running bare-metal, virtualized, containerized or server less.  
Welcome to the new way of application security with Avocado Systems. 

Try our complementary vRASP App Discovery platform. Don’t get surprised if you notice one or more unknown applications running in your environment.

Try the full featured vRASP platform. Learn more about automatic application discovery, pico-segmentation and security compliance.

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